The Endless Ideator.

Jim Frank is a Principal and Manager of D4 Urban. Mr. Frank has been involved in the acquisition, development, and management of numerous real estate projects as sole owner and as a general partner for the last 40+ years. Mr. Frank’s investments and holdings span across a variety of asset classes—including office, multifamily, industrial and retail development and land. Mr. Frank has been a partner in more than 30 multifamily projects, more than 20 office properties, and multiple large retail centers.

Mr. Frank has started, owned, and operated several large multi-state residential mortgage companies beginning in the 1970s. He has served in an executive role and as owner in such companies all of which were FHA/VA/Fannie/Freddie approved and under Mr. Frank’s leadership these companies reached as much as $1.2 billion in mortgages annually.

In 1996, along with Warren Cohen, Frank started the assemblage of what is now known as Broadway Park. It encompasses an approximate 75 acres in the inner loop of the Denver Central Business District. Together, they spearheaded the entitlements for over 10 million square feet of mixed use, infill urban development.

Mr. Frank received a B.S. in Business Administration at Ohio State University’s School of Business.